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Balázs Hudecek


2003–2008 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Conservator Department – Applied arts objects conservator, specialized for siliceous objects

2004–2005 Art Preservation Assistant Training Course, Budapest

2000–2002 Decorator School


2001-2019 Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szentendre, Silicate Conservator Artist, responsible for art objects

2013-2019- WEATEAM Hungary Bt. Founder and Manager for the exhibition builder Company

A member of the new generation of Szentendre artists. He started out as painter and sculptor, later he turned to media-based art.

The common idea behind his artworks is the closeness of nature, or, conversely, the alienation from it. His wooden statues may allude to self-destruction – that means, to the inconsiderate elimination of our environment –, but these allusions are never direct. His objects get new functions by a change of the roles of the different materials and instruments. He recreates and reinterprets, disintegrates and rebuilds, calls into question accepted roles and overwrites rigid clichés. His sculptures are exact diagnoses for the off-the-balance system of relations of our times. The pin that is bored into the wall, the wooden magnet that attracts wood, a saw that floats on the water or slices a hill, an axe that splits cut-up wood are all telling about the disorder of scales and balances. His works constitute a unique, sovereign microcosm, governed by irreal rules. His artworks have two poles, just like his symbolic horseshoe magnet, but his aim is not to widen the antagonism between the two poles but to narrow it.

Katalin Kopin

art historian


Solo exhibitions:

2007 Loosening and Tightening, Skanzen Gallery, Szentendre (with Zsóka Papp)

2008 VAM Design Center, Budapest; Breaking,

Vörösmarty Cinema, Budapest (with Péter Rizmayer);

BO2 MMM, Vörösmarty Cinema, Budapest [with Péter Rizmayer)

2009 Naturally, Szentendre Open Air Museum;

Vörösmarty Cinema, Budapest; Ideal Mass, Boulevard & Brezsnyev Gallery, Budapest

2010 Bug installation, Szentendre, Main square

(with Péter Rizmayer)

2012 Forest by the piece, Budapest,

Faur Zsófi Gallery

2013 The Tree of Knowledge (with Péter Rizmayer), Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest

2014 PUNISH/You, Us and Them (with Péter Rizmayer), Latarka Gallery, Budapest

2017 Meteor and minute catastrophes (with Rizmayer Péter), Czóbel Gallery, Szentendre

2019 Tree-saw, Art Capital, Szentendre

2023 We mow with matches, Shigishoara, Romania

2023 Follyart, Badacsonyörs, Folly Arborethum

2024 Lutheran Church in Szentendre, Hungary

2024 Studio Vajda Lajos, Szentendre, Hungary 

Public space sculptures:

2004 Beat, Pilisszentkereszt, Community Healthcare House

2013 Radises, Pilisszentkereszt, Slovak House

2019 Tree-saw, Szentendre, Art Capital, Commotion Park

2022 Evergreen Cone, Badacsonyörs, Folly Arboretum

2022 Floating Bunch, Badacsonyörs, Folly Arborétum

2022 Evergreen Earth, Badacsonyörs-Folly Arborétum

2022 Resinous Cone, Badacsonyörs-Folly Arborétum

2023 Tree-saw, Badacsonyörs-Folly Arborétum

Prizes and awards:

2019 Shanghai / F@IMP 2.0 festival, Silver Award / I'm from Hungary c. short movie

2019 Art Capital / Winner of the Public Art competition

2023 Arte Laguna Prize / Land Art / finalist

2023 Premio Combat Prize / Video Art / finalist

2024 Arte Laguna Prize / Sculptures and installations / finalist 

Main group exhibitions:

2003 Affections, Skanzen Gallery, Szentendre

2004–2008 International Small Hungarian Performance and Hard Music Festival, Art Mill, Szentendre

2006 Code-installation exhibition, Art Mill, Szentendre 

2008 Space Collage, Art Mill, Szentendre 

2009 Erotikart exhibition, Győr

2009 Abstract erotic, Gallery B55, Budapest 

2010 Szentendre in the Gödör, Budapest (with Péter Rizmayer)

2011 Face control, Roham Gallery, Budapest 

2011 Closed into Contemporaries, Erdész Gallery, Szentendre

2012 Animal, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest 

2012 Springtime, Budapest Spring Festival, Balassi Institute, Budapest

2012 Szentendre in the Palace, Palace of Culture, Targu Mures

2016 Interconnected Ambitions, Kunsthalle Budapest

2016 Biosphere reservation, Artplacc, Tihany

2018 Rebirth, Tawn Hall Gallery, Szentendre

2019 Green border, Lajos Vajda Gallery, Szentendre

2023 Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy

2023 Premio Combat Prize, Livorno, Italy

2023 Stigma, Studio Vajda Lajos, Szentendre, Hungary

2024 Swiss Art Expo, Zürich, Switzerland

2024 Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy

Works in collections:

Contemporary collection of the Hungarian Open Air Museum, Szentendre

Ferenczy Museum Center, Szentendre

Rechnitzer Collection, Budapest

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